From Bill: Happy Thanksgiving

As Americans, we have much for which to be thankful. We are thankful for the sacrifices of our veterans and active duty service men and women who have fought for our freedoms at home and abroad.

We are thankful for our first responders who run towards danger to ensure our health and safety. We are thankful for the farmer and fisherman that harvest our food, our teachers who inspired us, and our friends and family who love us unconditionally.

Nearly 400 years ago, the Pilgrims and Wampanoags came together to celebrate the first Thanksgiving right here in Plymouth. Tomorrow, those of us fortunate enough to continue the Thanksgiving tradition will do so with food, drink, and great conversation.

Thanksgiving serves as a time to reflect and appreciate what you have. Let us not forget those among us who are not as fortunate as we enter a season that can be particularly hard for many. And in our celebrations tomorrow, let us be thankful for the American spirit and the drive of many to never stop working towards a more perfect union.

With warm wishes for a happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours,

Bill Keating