From Bill: We Persist

It's shocking and shameful. In 72 hours, we saw just how eager Senate Republicans are to appease Donald Trump by ramming through his far-right agenda.

With the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, we saw Trump's Vice President forced to cast an unprecedented tie-breaking vote. Never once has a Cabinet position been confirmed without the backing of a majority of our elected Senators.

The next day, when my friend Elizabeth Warren took to the Senate floor to speak out against Trump's nominee for Attorney General, Republicans censored her -- telling her to sit down and be silent.

All because she read a letter composed by civil rights activist Coretta Scott King, the widow of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., opposing Jeff Sessions' 1986 nomination for a federal judgeship.

This action was not just a tactic to keep Sessions' long record of racial prejudice out of the public eye but an act of aggression aimed at silencing the voice of women and people of color. An attempt to scare into submission those that oppose the Trump Administration.

President Trump's lackeys have proven they are willing to blindly follow his agenda, and that they will do so with complete disregard for the will of the American people. We cannot allow this to be a victory for Trump. We must be persistent and turn our frustration into action and refuse to be silenced.

At every step, I will give voice to your concerns and stand up for you - for each of us - against these attacks on our values. Together, let's continue organizing, communicating, and making our views known.