Letters: Keating is a champion of sensible gun control

I feel I am part of a dying breed, a moderate who likes to see candidates work with one another to get things done, not work against each other at all times. I do my homework and evaluate the candidate's position and vote for the candidate, not necessarily the party.

The candidate who encompasses the correct values, combined with a passion and commitment to the most important issues is the Cape's own current congressman, William Keating.

One of the most important issues for all of us should be gun safety. As a former prosecutor, he has drawn on his experience working with victims of gun violence, who have asked him to do everything in his power to prevent other families from going through what they had been through.

Bill Keating has been a real champion on promoting sensible gun control laws in Congress, and we need more people like him in D.C. I urge others to please vote for Keating on Nov. 6.

Patricia Hatch, Cotuit

(This Letter To The Editor appeared in the Cape Cod Times)