From Bill: FEMA Flood Maps

The holiday season should be a time filled with joy and good-will. Unfortunately for far too many families in our district and across the country, this holiday they are feeling the pinch.

With funding for housing, unemployment, and food programs being cut or still up in the air, many short-sighted policies from the Republican Leadership are affecting the daily lives of hard-working citizens. I remain committed to fighting against these harmful and discriminatory policies.

Another great area of concern for many families in our coastal district is the new flood insurance maps from FEMA. With the issuance of the new maps, some homeowners saw their flood insurance premiums increased by tens of thousands of dollars. I have heard from many homeowners who are now at risk of losing their homes. A program designed to protect homes should not be the cause of residents losing them.

Last month, I requested an independent review of the maps from a local scientist and engineer. Their findings indicate that FEMA is using the wrong methodology for our geographic region. Homeowners cannot be forced to pay exorbitant flood insurance premiums because of a bureaucratic error.

This is why I am leading the fight to have FEMA change the maps to accurately reflect the Commonwealth and its geography.