Senator Markey and Congressman Keating Meet With Cape Constituents

Over 500 people packed an auditorium at Nauset Regional Middle School on Thursday night to ask questions and hear from Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey and Congressman Bill Keating.

Both then began taking aim at President Donald Trump, with Markey proclaiming that many in the audience have probably had enough of him and his administration.

"He's got a severe. narcissistic. personality disorder and needs a political intervention." said Markey.

Markey and Keating added that Trump's major budget cuts to a number of programs and services would be devastating to the country. but said that they're confident it won't pass.

"There's a lot of bipartisan support against Trump's budget cuts." said Markey.

Two members of the Lower Cape Indivisible group gave the first questions. asking how Trump can be impeached and how to be effective activists.

Markey discussed the Russia/Trump connections. including before and after the election and how there needs to be a proper investigation by the Senate Intel Committee.

Keating said that there needs to be a special prosecutor and an independent commission to investigate the alleged ties between members of Trump's campaign and the Russians. including any possible interference in the 2016 general election.

"It's not about politics. but the core of the democratic process." said Keating.

Both also discussed their dismay with the President and Republicans. who want to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

"The Affordable Care Act provides health care right now for 26 million additional people in our country." said Markey. "If it's repealed. it would take away coverage for addiction treatments from 2.8 million Americans."

Both also took Cape Cod-focused questions.

Elaine Dickenson with the Cape Downwinders asked both about what they are going to do about the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth.

Keating was upset with the fact that the NRC exempted Pilgrim's owner Entergy. from additional upgrades before it closes in 2019.

"Just because a plane is going out of service in the next few months. that doesn't mean there shouldn't be safety regulations on that plane? Let's see if the regulators want to get on that plane." said Keating.

They were also asked about the Herring Cove North Beach parking lot in Provincetown. which is in disrepair.

Both strived to battle to get the money needed to make the necessary repairs.

"It's wasteful not dealing with it." said Keating. "If it's left the way it is. it'll be dangerous. It's a priority for us in many aspects."

Also brought up was whether or not the legislators were going to push for proper gun control.

Keating talked about how he was part of the Democrat Party sit-in on the house floor last year to push Republicans for better gun control.

(This article originally appeared in the Cape Cod Times. Read the full article by clicking here.)