Bill understands firsthand what it means to make sacrifices for our country.  His grandmother was a Gold Star Mother.   After serving as a police officer, his father became a veterans’ agent.  From them, Bill learned that the best way to honor our veterans and service members is to fight on their behalf here at home.  

Within his first six months in office, Bill traveled to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Kuwait to visit our men and women in uniform who were stationed there.  After speaking with them and other veterans in our community, he introduced legislation aimed at helping veterans find work when they return from active duty and successfully worked to pass two of these provisions into law.

Bill believes there should be no red tape or delays when it comes to our veterans.  As we welcome home some of the largest numbers of veterans in years, he is fighting to make sure our country meets its obligation to provide for the health, well-being and economic security of these returning heroes.  Bill is working to keep the doors open at existing Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities and pushing for new ones to open.  He is partnering with centers that provide job training, mental health support, housing assistance, aid for the homeless and rehabilitative care for our veterans.  He is also making sure families of veterans do not fall by the wayside. 

Bill remains committed to working to ensure that our veterans and service members, as well as their families, receive all the benefits and assistance they deserve.  

  • Partnered with members across the aisle to push forward the adoption of the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act, bipartisan legislation to improve accountability and increase access to care for veterans. 
  • Authored and introduced the Gold Star Families Equality Act, which provides Gold Star parents with access to retail and commissary benefits currents only available to spouses and children.  Bill also authored and published a first-of-its-kind Congressional Gold Star Families Guide that outlines the benefits available to the loved ones of our fallen heroes.
  • Worked with Plymouth officials to expedite the opening a Plymouth VA clinic in August 2012.
  • Saved 141 jobs at Otis Air National Guard Base and is currently working to secure a permanent cyber mission for the base, which would create more jobs for the region.  For his dedication, Bill was awarded the United States Charles Dick Medal of Merit Award by the National Guard last year.
  • Authored and introduced the Post 9/11 GI Jobs Act of 2011, which provided incentives for veteran hiring and was the basis for two veteran tax credits signed into law – the Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior tax credits.